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Campsite near Tulle

Tourism in Tulle

Discover Tulle, a charming town of 15,000 inhabitants in the heart of Corrèze. In the city, you can admire the beauty of the period architecture of Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Cloister . Take a stroll through the unchanged medieval-style streets of this charming Nouvelle-Aquitaine town.

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Places to visit in Tulle

Take advantage of its proximity to your campsite to wander through the medieval streets of the Trech district and and soak up the history of the area. Most of the houses date back to the Middle Ages period architecture. Some feature magnificent medieval half-timbering. Discover the Hotel Lauthonie, a magnificent Renaissance-style monument. special atmosphere in the heart of its floors. It boasts a majestic fountain and a breathtaking breathtaking panorama on the building’s top floor. A vestige that has been preserved over time in Tulle, Corrèze. During your stay, you can also admire the façade of Maison Loyac, a true masterpiece dating from the 16th century. Surmounted by two towers, adorned with accolades on its ten windows and featuring a low arch over the entrance, the abbot’s house exudes a strong atmosphere representative of its era. atmosphere representative of its era. . A jewel of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

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Notre-Dame Cathedral

Don’t miss Notre-Dame Cathedral during your visit to Tulle, listed as a historic monument in 1862 whose architecture has evolved over the centuries. Built over a period of almost two centuries, it has evolved from a Romanesque to a more airy Gothic style, as evidenced by its bell tower nearly 75 meters high . Featuring impressively large organs and incredibly beautiful stained glass windows. The cathedral is place to visit in Tulle for a successful stay in the Limousin.

Campsite 42 km from Tulle

Choose a camping holiday near Tulle and and reach the town in Corrèze in 40 minutes from your Flower Camping La Plage in Corrèze. Situated just 50m from the beach and boasting a heated indoor swimming pool, our campsite boasts an ideal ideal location . Book your pitch, mobile home, lodge cabin or canvas bungalow here. Located near the La Plage campsite in Corrèze, Tulle is a town with a warm atmosphere. warm atmosphere that you’ll enjoy visiting during your vacation in Treignac.